Our Wedding DJ Services

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Party Starters Wedding DJs Syracuse NY - We are Professional wedding DJs operating one of the most highly recommended wedding DJ services throughout CNY & NY! We truly offer complete & affordable wedding DJ services!

Our Wedding DJ Services:

  • Entire Receptions & No hourly prices!
    You'll get full coverage for your cocktail hour, dinner & party time! No over time charges!
  • Wedding Ceremony Services:
    Music, microphone's, 2nd setup's, etc
  • Wireless, Wedding Uplighting Services
    Over $6000 in wireless, LED uplights! (20-25 fixtures)
  • Complete Dance Floor Lighting:
    Appropriate for weddings & fun!
  • Comprehensive Wedding Planning Packet:
    Simple or Complex, It's complete customization of every moment!
  • An Online Wedding Planning Account:
    Access our Music Request System + Wedding Music Charts & Online Planner!
  • Much more including: Remixing, Editing, No hidden fee's, etc!

    Check out a 1 minute video of our 2014 demo video: here!
    and go check out longer video clips on our video page!

    Our main commitment and something that we value is our dedication to the highest level of wedding customer service. Speak to other wedding DJs and compare them with us and you will have a very tough time finding a better, extremely flexible, passionate customer service orientated Wedding DJ service like Party Starters DJs! I really work well with all types of people, from the laid back bride who wants to simply party, to the very organized bride who wants to be very traditional and specific. Read everything here on my wedding page and I guarantee you'll love it!

    On this page you will learn:

    1. The TOP 4 Reasons people choose our Wedding DJ Services

    2. Wedding DJ Price Guide & Information

    3. First Meeting & The Simple, Wedding DJ Process Guide

    4. Words of advice & wrap up information

    Top 4 Reasons to choose Party Starters Wedding DJs

    1. My first, biggest wedding dj strength is my music and personality. First, the fact that I have the right types of music and song selections ready to go for your wedding reception should put you at ease. From my DJ experience, as it relates to crowd types, I really do have a great understanding of music selections and music timing. Another wedding dj strength you will enjoy is my ability to have the appropriate personality as I DJ & MC for you and your wedding guests. I don't show up with a shiny bow tie, I don't do the corny DJ voice or say cheesy things over the microphone and lastly, I don't play bad or inappropriate music.

    I've played upscale to average budgeted functions. I've played for congressmen, doctors, raucous firemen, ultra religious, the crazy all night drinkers, military couples/families and the insane party goers! As it goes for my personality, I have a wealth of experience for being adaptive. I can be the conservative, traditional wedding dj that can provide very formal announcements all while guiding you through your wedding reception. I also can be the out going and fun wedding dj that creates a fun party atmosphere. Many times I am requested to be a mixture of both styles. This is where I am transforming from the conservative wedding dj in the beginning of the wedding reception, then transforming to the party motivator as we move past the formalities. Whichever personality you'd like me to have, I know you can count on me to excel at this! I understand there are two families most likely meeting for the first or second time and it is my job to make everyone happy. It always is a delicate balance between music you would like to hear as the wedding couple and the music I know your wedding guests would enjoy. You can count on me to deliver way above your expectations for the best Wedding DJs Syracuse NY!

    2. My custom, detailed wedding reception planner combined with your own, online wedding planning account with other tools like our extremely useful music request system (contains 15, fun wedding charts updated in real time so you can click and pick music) and all the other information I give to you is second to none. If you ask most of my brides, they will say that the one thing that was really vital in making their wedding day go smooth was the fact that I have this genius, 25 page, wedding planner. I don't expect you to know how the flow of a wedding goes and I don't expect you to have been to a bunch of weddings either. So my planner that I came up with is formed with the best advice and planning you could ever want. Its written in my own words and I didn't rip it or plagiarize it from the internet like some DJs do and only offer you a sheet or two of paper with the extreme basics. While I never send it out over email and I never give anyone a copy until you are booked with me, I am more than willing to show you it in person.

    My wedding dj planner takes you from the ceremony and the process behind everything I do. It talks about all the traditional and non traditional things you may or may not want to do at you wedding. It offers suggestions on timing, musical selections, variations of traditional things and modern suggestions as well as traditional and simple things too!

    This is one of the most often overlooked service a great DJ can offer is their experience and planning capabilities to help you create a great wedding reception. I've had numerous brides tell me that other DJ companies have told them to go see more weddings or go do their research on the internet then call them back. How rude that is and they should be ashamed. But I never assume with my brides and grooms. So be at ease, I am helping you!

    3. I roll with the punches! I make it a point to tell all of my wedding couples: "Nothing we plan for your wedding reception is ever set in stone and we can change it upon your request at any time!" This is truly comforting to know because many DJ services send a basic Wedding DJ that must follow a script. Unfortunately, many times you find out after its too late that your DJ wants to do it "their way or the highway". This means they can't or won't veer off the script and they will have a tough time adjusting to any issues that happen during the wedding reception. For instance: Perhaps you'd like to change a song last minute, or maybe you want to change the order of the bridal party for introductions, or perhaps the timing of things may change because something ran a bit longer than expected. I am excellent at "rolling with the punches" should this occur and am totally flexible for you!

    4. My equipment is up to date, I have an immense DIGITAL song library and I have the tactful skills to navigate requests. If you do allow us to take requests at your wedding reception, our ability to download any wedding dj music on the spot is a great, no extra charge feature we provide. We have a very large, eclectic, wedding dj song library. However, sometimes we don't have that obscure wedding djs song so we need to download it. Wedding DJs in Syracuse NY don't typically do this type of extra service, going the extra mile.

    Wedding DJ Price Guide and Information

    1. My Wedding DJ services always feature an "all inclusive" wedding dj price. I dont have ridiculous packages or fancy names for them either. So dont worry, I won't be sending you information on a gold, silver, platinum, yellow, red and whatever else names these other DJ companies come up with for their 8 million different prices they offer. I am all inclusive.

    All my couples get complete dance floor lighting, wedding dj sound, wedding uplighting and everything else that you never even thought of asking for! You will soon realize that other DJ companies charge for everything, but I do not! I simply hate other DJ services who use price luring tactics where they send you a quote based on some sort of introductory pricing package for 3 hours that contains a boombox and a rent-a-dj.

    We dont charge you per hour, for any travel, setup, teardown or other ridiculous things that should already be included. I don't want you to try to figure out how many lights or speakers you need either, so dont worry, I dont charge per speaker or light either. We can provide you "off/on site" ceremony wedding music, wedding reception planning, and much more. You just need to realize that my commitment to you is offering the absolute best service as your Wedding DJ! Planning the flow of your Wedding reception is NEVER an additional cost or factor. Every bride is different, but, I can hold your hand throughout the wedding dj planning process or simply do as you request.

    There is no hidden charges, no additional wedding travel charge or mileage expenses as I said. I hate it when people lure us in with one price and then add charges for this and that. I won't be doing that to you. I want to be straight forward, because that is how it should be. You book me, and you get me! I don't sub-contract, or sell our wedding dj bookings. I never book another wedding dj event the same day. I am yours 100% on your wedding day. My price includes all meetings prior to your wedding day, all the sound and lights you'll need, my detailed wedding dj reception planner, your online wedding planning account, your online music request system and anything else you might need. I'll even stop and grab the groom on the way if it's what you need me to do!

    2. Here are the most frequently asked questions wedding djs like myself ask to determine your Wedding DJ price:

                 A) Let us know estimated length of the wedding, the venue name and any information of the room?

                 B) Will you need separate off site or on-site wedding ceremony music?

                 (sometimes people get married and the church doesn't provide music or the place the couple is getting married doesn't have a music system and they need the wedding dj to provide that music.)

                 C) How many wedding guests are expected? (a general range is fine)

                 D) Is your wedding reception indoors or outdoors?

    My Simple Wedding DJ Process & Guide

    1. If you have decided that you would like to possibly book my wedding dj services, we can do things in person or we can do things online and over the phone with my complete and robust booking and planning system for my couples out of state or "too far" to make meeting feasible. I would like to say that if we can meet, its better to obviosuly try to do that and you can get a feeling for me. I like to plan for a sit down meeting or again, if distance is an issue, at least a conversation over the phone with the both of you. I am out of Syracuse, more specifically the Cicero area but I am very flexible. The wedding dj meeting is usually at a coffee house here in a public restaurant in CNY where you will feel comfortable to chat. Maybe we meet up half way or I can even drive to you or the venue.

    2. At our first wedding dj services meeting, I will sit down with you and listen to your thoughts first & foremost. As an experienced wedding dj, I can offer suggestions and I can answer any questions you may have. I can show you some sample wedding video clips of past clients. We also can discuss my wedding dj cost. This meeting usually runs about 20-30 minutes depending on various things. In case you are ready to book at the time, I will have a wedding dj contract, a custom wedding reception planner on hand to give you. All of which we will go over.

    3. If at that point you choose to go forward with my services at that time, we will go over my well detailed 4 page wedding dj contract where I lay out everything in black and white for your convenience. It covers you and I with the legal, typical formalities. I have a completely online process as well where you can view and sign the contract online and make payment online too! If we are doing it in person, we both will sign the wedding dj contract and you will issue the pre-determined deposit at that point. You will always get a copy of the wedding dj contract before you leave and of course a receipt. Be vary wary of any DJ service with a one page contract. It just means they have a lot of wiggle room to screw you over in case of problems or issues. My contract protects you, it protects me and my first line in the contract says you get a 100% refund if there were any issues, etc.

    4. After the contract signing, I will then present to you the well detailed Wedding DJ Planning information packet as I spoke about above. We will quickly go over it, but this is yours to take home. It will contain suggestions from the standard wedding formalities that happen traditionally at weddings and even sample music titles for special dances that a wedding dj may play. We do not fill this out at the first meeting, it is meant to be brought home and filled out on your own time. A few weeks prior to your wedding we meet again with your copy of the Wedding DJ planner filled out. We go over the Wedding DJ planner and I make my own notes so we can finalize what will happen at your reception.

    Last words of Advice and Information

    I appreciate you taking the time to go through this wedding dj information. Wedding DJs are not the same, so I truly hope you found my information helpful. I hope that I can earn your business and a possible wedding dj meeting face to face. Remember, most djs book quickly if they are worth their "salt" in this business. So no matter if you are interested in mine or another wedding dj service, I strongly urge you to do your due diligence, ask questions and make that deposit with a reputable wedding dj service. Too many times a wedding couple has talked to me, liked me, but then waited a bit to long to book. They call me to book but then only find out that I am already booked. Because people shop around, there usually is multiple interest in the same dates and I provide first come fist serve theory. Also, certain months of a Wedding DJs season always drive up cost and certain times of the months always play a factor. For instance, July is a big wedding month for good wedding djs and I book that month the fastest it seems every year.

    So do your research and talk to the all of the wedding DJs!. Find out if you think they will be a match for you, but I truly hope I can be your wedding dj for your wedding day! Good luck on your wedding dj hunt and most importantly congratulations! I hope to hear from you soon! Your #1 choice in Wedding DJs Syacuse NY is Party Starters DJs!



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